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birthdays, brunch, and David Bowie

Tonight at small group we had cake for Erin and Bryan, who have birthdays this weekend. We started clapping after we sang for them, but Bryan started waving his hands around. "Wait! Hold your applause! There's more! That is, it's on Sunday, there's brunch at the cafe, and it's going to happen at 10:30!"
"What is, brunch?"
"Yes! And also, the chef looks like David Bowie, so maybe there'll be some singing."
Erin got a word in- "Like, Labyrinth singing?"
"No, no."
"So it's not Labyrinth David Bowie?" Jessica asked.
"No, it's like... It's like Prestige David Bowie, who no one recognizes as David Bowie."
"Ah, Tesla David Bowie," I clarified.
"Exactly," answered Bryan. "Although he doesn't sing in that. Hopefully he will on Sunday. So, 10:30. Be there."
"Also," Erin interjected, "I was hoping for a St. George trip... So, get up early, go to the first church service, brunch, apparently with David Bowie, then the beach...?"

Most of us go to the 5pm service and several people are involved in it in one way or another, so the beach part might need rescheduling. Anyway, brunch ought to be interesting. All of this reminded me that when I had been on campus for a teaching conference earlier today, I saw a guy doing the ball rolling trick from Labyrinth with what appeared to be a red stress ball.